Wednesday, 8 March 2017

A bit of a rebrand

So I noticed it is over a year since I wrote anything on this blog that wasn't a book review or in some way related to books! I don't think I've run out of other things to say (anyone who knows me would confirm that its unlikely) but for some reason the only thing I feel like I want to write about is other books.

As a result, I've rebranded the blog ever so slightly - in fact you may not even notice the changes. The name of the blog is the only real thing to change (as well as some of the sidebar stuff). I've not changed the URL over yet as I don't want to lose any who may have this on alert, but I am planning to try and switch it over later to something along the lines of or

Content-wise you won't notice much difference. I'm still planning on keeping the book reviews coming, as well as looking to get a couple of Q&As together in the near future.

Other than that, keeping reading and keep enjoying.
Till next time,

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